How to Creating Organization Records pega 8

In this post you will learn How to Creating Organization Records Pega 8

Pega supports a three-level organization structure. You lean how to use the Organization Chart and Organization records to modify the organizational structure.

The top level is known as the organization, the middle level contains devisions, and the lowest level contains organization units.

Organization Records:
  • A Pega application uses an organizational structure to direct assignments to the right operator or work queues.
  • The structure is built with standard data instances called organization records.
  • A work queue is an organization rule but is not part of the organizational hierarchy.
  • A work queue belongs to a unit, a division, and an organization.
  • By default, an operator can access work in the work queue to which the operator belongs.

Note: A work queue was formerly called a workbasket.

organization records hierarchy

Work Groups:
  • A work group identifies a cross-functional team that contains a manager, a set of operators, and a work queue.
  • Each work group contains one work queue that can be shared by operators associated with the work group.
  • A work group instance identifies one user who is the work group manager.
  • The system can use manager information in a work group for notification tasks and routing tasks.
Add a work group:

work group record organizational

  • From the Records Explorer, create a work group record. By convention, end the work group name with an at sing (@) and an organization name.

pega organization record workgroup

  • In the Manager field, enter a work group manager for reporting and routing purposes.
  • In the Default work queue field, select a work queue.
  • The standard router activity ToDefaultWork queue uses this value to locate a work queue, based on the work group associated with the current operator.
Add a Work Queue:

work queue organizational record pega

Pega work queue organizational record

  • In the Organization section on the work queue form, select the organization in the Name field, and then complete the Division and Unit fields.
  • In the Work group field, enter the name of a work group that uses this work queue.
  • This field determines which work queues appear in a Team Work Queue list on the Manager portal.
Update the operator record:
  • Open the operator record that you want to associate with the new level.

operator record organizational record pega

  • On the Work tab, update the organization unit values.
  • In the Team field, select the work group you want to associate with the operator.

Hope you learned How to Creating Organization Records Pega 8

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