How to Configure Duplicate and Temporary Cases in Pega 8

In this post you will learn about How to Configure Duplicate and Temporary Cases in Pega 8.

Duplicate cases:

In many situations, user may enter case that has many of the same data values as another case already in the system.

For Instance, two purchase requests may have a same request date, the same items, or the same customer name. However, if a specific combination of data values match, the new case is possibly a Duplicate case.

Search Duplicate Cases:

As a application developer, you want to give users the ability to identify potential duplicate cases within the current case.

Pega provides the search duplicate cases process to help users identify and resolve duplicate cases.

  • This process is implemented in your case life cycle as a Search duplicate case step.
  • When the case enters the step, the system uses basic conditions and weighted conditions to compare specific property values with the cases already present in the system.

duplicate cases pega

duplicate cases conditions

Basic Condition:

Cases must satisfy a basic condition to flag existing cases in the system to be considered as duplicate.

duplicate cases basic condition

Weighted Conditions:

Weighted conditions, on the other hand, receive a weight value. If an existing case meets enough weighted condition, the case is flagged as a potential duplicate.

add weighted condition duplicate case

pega search duplicate cases process step

Temporary Cases:
  • Temporary cases are only stored in memory on the clipboard and not in the Pega database.
  • It will not have case IDs for the Temporary cases
  • Temporary cases are processed by a single operator and cannot be routed. Once a case is persisted, it can be routed to other operators.

Temporary case settings in pega

  1. click on the case type
  2. Go the settings tab
  3. Enable “Create temporary case that is not saved until a ‘Persist case’ step is reached” checkbox under Behavior section.
Persist Case:
  • To persist a temporary case add a Persist Case shape to the case life cycle.
  • When Pega encounters the persist case shape, Pega creates a case ID and commits the case data to the database.

Persist case type pega duplicate case

persist case step

I hope you learned on How to Configure Duplicate and Temporary Cases in Pega 8.

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