How to Configuring Parallel Processing Pega 8

You will learn how to configuring parallel processing in Pega 8.

Learn how to configure a workflow that allows two or more processes to proceed in parallel as a case is processed.

Parallel Processing:
  • You can configure a stage to run multiple processes in parallel.
  • This configuration allows uses to perform tasks independently in order to complete the work in a stage.

For complex parallel processing requirement, Pega provides the Split join share, the Split For Each shape, and the Spinoff option in the Subprocess shape

Split join:

split join navigation for parallel processing

  • Use the Split Join shape to call multiple process independent processes that operate in parallel and then later rejoin.

parallel processing split join pega

  • However, the Split join shape gives you the flexibility to use join conditions that determine when the primary process can continue.
  • The join condition may iterate over a when condition or a count to determine when to resume the flow.
  • If a split join may include three separate approval sub-processes.
  • You can specify that only two of the three approvals must be completed before resuming the main flow.
Split For Each:
  • A Split For Each shape allows you to run one sub-process multiple times by iterating through a set of records stored in a page list or page group.
  • When the items on the list have been processed, the main flow continues.

split for each parallel processing pega

split for each pega parallel processing

  • Like the Split Join, you can use a join condition to control when the primary process resumes.
  • Make sure that the flow and page list used in the iteration are in the same class.
  • The spinoff option in the Subprocess shape allows you to run the subprocess in parallel with the main flow.
  • The main process does not wait for the subprocess to complete before proceeding.

pega spinoff parallel processing

spin off flow option pega parallel processing

Join conditions:

On Split For Each and Split Join shapes property forms, you specify a join condition.

split for each join conditions for parallel processing

  • Select All if you want the main flow to resume after all of the subprocesses complete.
  • Select Any if you want the main flow to resume after any one the subprocesses completes.
  • Processing of the other subprocesses that have not completed is stopped.
  • Open assignments for these subprocesses are cancelled.
  • Select Some if you want to use a when rule or a count to determine when the main process can resume.
  • Select Iterate if you want to start flows fro items on the Page Group or Page List property one by one.

Note: A Spinoff does not have a join condition because the subprocess never rejoins the main process.

Hope now You learned how to configuring parallel processing in Pega 8.

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