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In this post you will learn Localization – Supporting Multiple Languages in Pega 8.


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There are five ways to adapt to regions using localization are accommodate the local language, currency, date format, time zone, and time format.

  • Pega provides a Localization wizard that automates many of the steps necessary to create language=specific conventions, rather than American English conventions.

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Localization wizard process

  • Wizard identifies field values and text strings that are used in user interface rules.
  • Text strings include labels, captions, Tool Tips, and instructions that appear in user-facing rules such as harness, section, summary view, message, and portal rules.

Use Field Values for Labels and Confirmation Notes:

  • Define Field Value rules for those rule types that use labels or other text strings under 64 characters.

Localization label text Multiple languages

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Use Paragraph rules for Text:

  • Paragraph rules make content reusable.
  • Few examples of reusable paragraph rules are copyright declarations, and privacy notifications, etc.
  • Rules such as correspondence, paragraph and work party rules contain text that is translated manually and stored in the corresponding translation ruleset with the aid of the Localization wizard.
  • The advantage of using rulesets when localizing an application is, Field value, paragraph, and correspondence rulesets can be exported, translated into multiple languages, and reused.
  • Text that is used in paragraphs, correspondence, and correspondence fragment rules is packaged and output in a pair of HTML files called Base.html and Translation.html.
  • Both files initially contain the same text. The translator puts the translated text into the Translation.html file.

Upload the compressed folder containing the translated paragraph and field values. Then change the locale and run the application to view the translated text.

Install the Language Packs:

  • Pega provides language packs for localizing the Pega rules.
  • The Language packs are collections of language-specific rulesets that support localization of the Pega Platform.
  • If a language pack is not available for one of your target languages, you can use the Localization wizard to export the Pega rulests and translate them along with the content on your UI forms.
  • You are creating your own custom translation pack.

Verify Localization:

  • Set the Locale setting to a target language and run your application to verify that all of the labels, notes, instructions, messages, and emails are successfully localized.

Note: Once rulesets for both languages are imported and tested, Pega Platform automatically uses the ruleset based on the locale of the user. No further work is required to localize the application.

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