Enabling Accessibility Features in Pega 8 – How

Today, In this post your will learn How to Enabling Accessibility Features in Pega 8.

  • Some users require an accessibility device that presents the UI in another manner.
  • It extends a UI for users with devices that interpret the UI.
  • A common accessibility device is a screen reader (such as JAWS) for the blind, which describes a page of content orally.
Application Accessibility:
  • Pega supports WAI-ARIA (Web Accessibility Initiative – Accessible Rich Internet Application) standard.
Accessibility Roles:
  • These are the specific attributes applied to user interface elements.
  • It enables communication between assistive devices and Pega applications about UI elements.
  • The accessibility features are available to access groups with the accessibility ruleset provisioned.
PegaWAI ruleset:
  • You have to use the PegaWAI ruleset to apply accessibility roles.
  • The PegaWAI ruleset contains rules that include the WAI-ARIA role settings on dynamic layouts.
  • The WAI-ARIA settings describe the type and structure of elements on the page.
  • The dynamic layout has accessibility settings for landmark, document structure, component, or widget.

accessibility dynamic layout pega

  • It also includes properties to describe the state of interactive elements such as buttons, links, fields, or live regions.

Note: Pega also provides standard ruleset features that support accessibility.

Standard ruleset accessibility options:

You also have several options for enabling accessibility for applications without the PegaWAI ruleset.

  • Set tooltips on controls, buttons, links, icons, and input fields.
  • Configure a high-contract color scheme.
  • Set the enter event on a control when you set a click event of the control.
  • Include links with icons.
  • Use a button or a link to dismiss an overlay.
  • Mark a dynamic container as the main content area by default.
  • Use a drop-down list of options instead of text entry for fields with predictable answers.
Accessibility Inspector:

The Accessibility Inspector tool in Pega allows you to identify and rectify accessibility issues with your application. It has two main features

  1. You can preview what your application looks like to users of varying visual ability using Disability preview. The visual ability options are:
    • None
    • Achromatopsia (Absence of color)
    • Deuteranopia (Red Green confusion)
    • Protanopia (Red Green confusion)
    • Tritanopia (Yellow Blue confusion)
  2. You can audit your current application UI to identify configurations that may negatively impact application accessibility.
    • Content – example, an icon is missing helper text or a label.
    • Structural – example, the heading level hierarchy is out of order, which can potentially confuse screen readers.
    • Interactivity – example, the skip to content navigation is missing on the harness, which prevents users from using the Enter key to navigate to the main content easily.
    • Compatibility – example, a tab group layout, which is deprecated, is used instead of a layout group.

accessibility inspector tool

Hope you learned How to Enabling Accessibility Features in Pega 8.

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