Cascading Approval Process configuring in Pega 8

In this post you will learn How Cascading Approval Process configuring in Pega 8.

Pega provides the ability to include single and cascading approvals when designing case types.

Cascading Approval:
  • A cascading approval process configures a series of approvals.
  • There are two cascading approval models.
    • reporting structure : Used when approvals always move up the reporting structure of the submitter or another defined list.
    • authority matrix : Used when a set of rules directs the approval chain to individuals both inside and outside the organization of the submitter.
Authority Matrix:
  • An Authority matrix uses a decision table.
  • Each satisfied row or condition adds the results to a list of approvers.
  • Approval assignments route to approvers in the order of list appearance.
Configuring Cascading Approval:
  • The authority matrix model determines the approvers using a list of operators stored in a Page List, and a single value property that identifies the approver.
  • Use decision table to define conditions for populating the list.

configuring cascading approval pega

  • You can also configure a cascading approval in a process flow by selecting the Cascading Approval Smart Shape form the Smart Shapes menu in the process modeler.
  • Configure a page list property to hold the list of approvers.
  • Configure a single-value property as an element of the page list to identify each approver in the list.
  • Optionally, configure a decsion table to determine the conditions for populating the page list.

cascading approval property list

Note: When using a decision table with an authority matrix, set the decision table to Evaluate all rows to return a list of results. Otherwise, the decision table returns only one result.

Hope you learned learn How Cascading Approval Process configuring in Pega 8.

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