How to Managing Access To Individual RULES – Pega 8

In certain cases, you need to control access to specific user actions, such as individual flow actions. Now lets learn about How to Managing Access To Individual RULES in Pega 8.

You create a Privilege record to control user access to a rule. When you add a privilege to a rule, users can access the rule only if they are assigned a role that has been granted the privilege.

Pega verifies whether the user is granted the privilege. If the user is granted the privilege, Pega allows the user to use the rule. If the user does not have the privilege, Pega denies the rule to the user.

Note: To allow users to use a rule that references a privilege, you add the privilege to a user role.

Create a Privilege Record:

In Dev Studio, from the Create menu, under Security, select Privilege to create a new Privilege record.

Note: Whenever possible, save the privilege to the same class and ruleset as the rules that reference the privilege. This reduces the likelihood that Pega denies access to a rule because of a missing privilege.

Tip: When you create a privilege record, on the History tab, use the Full Description and Usage fields to identify the intent of the privilege and what rules require the privilege. This information is displayed in the Access Manager.

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For most rules that support privileges, you add privilege to the Security tab. For flow rules, you add privileges to the Process tab.

At run time, Pega verifies if the user has been granted the privilege before allowing the user to perform the action.

Grant a Privilege to a Role:

Add a privilege to the user role on the Privileges tab of the Access Manager.

  • In the Access Manager, you can deny, explicitly grant, or conditionally grant a privilege to users.
  • To conditionally grant the privilege, configure an Access When record to test when to grant and deny the privilege.

Configure > Org & Security > Access Manager

Open the Access Manager wizard as specified in the above navigation, to view the set of privileges granted to a role, To add a privilege to a role, add the privilege to the table.

Access Manager pega 8 rules organization and security

Hope you learned How to Managing Access To Individual RULES in Pega 8.

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