How To Securing Work Queues And Attachments – Pega 8

Security for two application elements cannot be configured in the Access Manager: Work Queues and Attachment categories. Lets learn about How to Securing Work Queues And Attachments in Pega 8.

Access control for Work Queues:
  • In Pega, access control for work queues is role based.
  • By default, any user who can access a work queue can perform an assignment in the work queue.
  • To control whether users can perform assignments in a specific work queue, you apply one or more roles to it.
  • When you apply a role to a work queue, only users assigned to a listed role may retrieve an assignment from the work queue.

For example, the standard work queue lists three roles. A user must be assigned the below 3 roles to perform an assignment in the work queue.

  • PegaRULES:ProArch4
  • PegaRULES:Batch
  • PegaRULES:Basics

Note: Pega uses the work queue as a last resort for routing. Pega routes assignments to the work queue when no other more specific or local work queue can be found.

Access control for attachments:

Use a privilege or when condition to control access to an attachment category.

  • When you add the privilege, select the actions to allow if the user has the privilege.
  • For  each when condition, select the actions to allow if the condition is true.

Note: Configure access control for an attachment category using a when rule, not an Access When rule.

Attachment category pega 8 work queue
pega work queue attachment category rule form pega 8

Users can perform an action on attachments in the category if they have at least one of the required privileges, and all of the when conditions for the action are true.

Tip: You can use the standard when rule Never to create an always-false condition to deny an action to users.

Attachement-Level access control:

Configure attachment-level access control to allow uses to determine who can access a specific attachment within the category.

When users add an attachment to the category, they identify one or more work groups to which access to the attachment is allowed.

Hope you learned about How to Securing Work Queues And Attachments in Pega 8.

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