Adding Roles To An Access Control Model – Pega 8

In this quick tutorial you will learn about How to Adding Roles to an Access control model in pega 8

Pega provides a default access control model to support three processing roles: users, managers, and administrators.


  • Users – Employees who submit requests.
  • Managers – Employees who approve requests for direct or indirect reports
  • Auditors – Employees who review requests for compliance with company policy.

Each role requires that users perform different actions on a request.

Create a new role:

You create a new role to customize access control for a specific set of users. For example, to differentiate between employees who submit accounting requests and employees who process request, you define roles for each group of employees.

In Pega, you define an access role with an Access Role Name record, a label that describes a specific set of application users with a unique job function.

access role and access role to object pega 8

When you create a new access role, you must identify the appropriate permissions for that role. These permissions control how users assigned to the role interact with case and data instances defined for the application.

Pega provides two options to customize an access role based on one or more dependent roles.

  • Manually add the impacted classes to the Access Role Name record and specify the necessary permissions.
  • Clone the appropriate dependent role to override all the inherited permission, and update each class as needed.

Note: To update an Access of Role to Object record, click the entry in the Access Class column to open a model dialog that displays the contents of the Access of Role to Object record.

After you create an Access Role Name record, you add the role to the appropriate access group. Pega then applies the access control settings of the role to users on login.

If necessary, create a new access group to apply the role to the appropriate set of users.

Hope you learned about How to Adding Roles to an Access control model in pega 8

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