How To Creating Pega Web Mashup in Pega 8

Pega Web Mashup enables you to embed a Pega application in another web application. Lets learn about How To Creating Pega Web Mashup in Pega 8.

You can create a mashup to display information about a case.

Pega Web Mashup:

Pega Web Mashup enables you to embed a Pega application within a web page or other web applications on your intranet or internet site.

Create a Pega Web Mashup directly in App Studio or Dev Studio and deploy it to leverage the security and UI features of the Pega Platform.

Mashups generared by Pega Web Mashup provide the same rich application experience users normally have in a Pega Platform application. Common actions that can be defined inside a mashup include:

  • Opening a new case
  • Displaying a user’s worklist
  • Selecting and performing an assignment

The Generate Mashup code option opens a window that provides the necessary HTML for you to copy, paste, and view within the web page.

You can modify the code to meet the specific needs of the web page or to customize the appearance of the mashup, example: setting the width of the mashup.

Note: Pega Web Mashup is used when a company requires that a Pega process be embedded into an existing web page or alternate application.

Creating a Pega Web Mashup:

To generate a Pega Web Mashup code, follow the below steps

  • Create a Mashup channel by using the Channels and Interfaces landing page in either App Studio or Dev Studio.
  • Customize the code as necessary.
  • Embed that code to a web page.
  • Configure a list of approved sites for the site origin.
Configure the mashup:

Launch Channels and Interfaces landing page by navigating Application > Channels and Interfaces

channels and interfaces landing page web mashup pega

  • Click on the Web mashup to create/configure the mashup.

configure web mashup pega 8

  • Enter a descriptive Name, mashup description, and the URL of the system hosting the Pega Platform application under Basic options.

Note: The Pega platform application URL defaults to the current system URL. You can enter a different URL to reference another system, such as a production system.

  • Select the action performed by the mashup. By default, the Create a new case action is selected. Provide values for the specified attributes.
  • The Thread in which the action is performed.
  • A fixed or automatically-sized IFRAME
  • The action prompt (Ex: the action is invoked when a page loads or is deferred after a button click)
  • Specify the skin used to format the mashup contents
  • Encrypt traffic between the web page and Pega Platform.
  • Select the skeleton used to organize the contents of the mashup.

Clicking Generate mashup code creates the mashup code, which you can copy into the web page using any text editing.

generating web mashup code pega 8

Add web domain to the application rule as a trusted origin:

Trusted orgins are listed on the Integration and Security tab of the application rule in the Mashup security section.

pega application integration and security for web mashup
web mashup trusted origin pega 8

Add the web domains to the application rule as trusted origin. The list contains the URLs on which you are deploying the mashup and informs Pega that mashup request originating from the web page are legitimate.

Hope you learned How To Creating Pega Web Mashup in Pega 8.

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