How To Exchange Data with Other Applications Pega 8

In this quick tutorial you will learn about How To Exchange Data with Other Applications in Pega 8

  • Many applications need to exchange data with each other as well as with external systems.
  • Integration enables your application to exchange data with other systems.


  • Pega uses Connectors to facilitate Integration.
  • Connectors are protocol specific, and they establish the link to the external system.
  • It implements the interface of the service running on the external system.
  • Connectors also map the data structure of the application to the data structure used by the service called.
  • You can parse, convert, and map data in either direction to or from the clipboard.

Note: You can invoke Connectors from data pages and activities. Use data pages to read, or pull, data from the external system. Use activities to write or push data to the external system.

How Connectors exchange data:

The invocation of a connector involves five components.

  • Data page or activity : It specifies the connector to use and data transforms for request and response mapping.
  • Data transforms : It maps the data structure of your application to the integration clipboard pages, to the format expected by the service.
  • Connector rule : It uses the integration clipboard pages to build the request according to the protocol and service definition, invokes the service, and parses and places the response on the integration clipboard pages.
  • Mapping rules : For most connectors, mapping rules are used to build outgoing and parsing incoming messages.
  • External system : Exposes the service called.

exchange data connector processing model

Note: Pega provides standard connectors which include SOAP, REST, SAP, EJB, JMS, MQ, FILE, and CMIS


If an external system requests data from your application, Pega uses services to facilitate the integration.

  • Services allow you to expose the data and functionality of your application to external systems.
  • It implement the interface of a specific protocol and provide data mapping for outbound and inbound content.

How Services exchange data:

  • The service listener listens for incoming requests.
  • The service listener establishes a requestor.
  • A requestor is the processing and data associated with the incoming request initiated by the external system.

exchange data service processing model pega 8

Hope in you tutorial you learned about How To Exchange Data with Other Applications in Pega 8

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