How To Simulating Integration Data – Pega 8

In this quick tutorial you will learn How To Simulating Integration Data in Pega 8.

Pega provides the ability to simulate integrations with services for testing purpose or when the data source is unavailable.

Integration Simulation:
  • Integration simulation is useful in situations when the external service is not available or when you want to dictate the response returned.
  • You can simulate any external service as long as you know what data the external service is expecting and returning.
Simulating an Integration:
  • Pega uses connectors to integrate with external systems.
  • A connector can be invoked from either a data page or an integrator activity.

Note: If you need to simulate an external service which has not yet been defined, but you know what data the service is going to retrun, then simulate the data page source or integrator activity.

Simulate a Data Page:
simulate data page pega 8
  • Select the Simulate data source option to simulate the data source in the data page.
  • You can simulate a data page by using a data transform, report definition, or activity.

Note: Selecting simulation disables any data source configured.

External Data Entities:

From Dev Studio, select Configure > Data Model > View external data entities to open the External Data Entities landing page.

External data entities landing page pega 8
  • Source systems marked with a green dot are production ready.
  • Source systems marked with an orange triangle are simulated.
Integration Designer in App Studio:
  • In App Studio, select the Data Explorer to open the Integration Designer.
  • You can view a list of simulated data pages, also called data views, from the Integration Designer.
Integration designer simulation
  • Select the Simulated icon in the system of record row to filter by the simulated data types and find all the simulated data pages quickly.
Simulate an Integrator Activity:
  • If you invoke the connector from an integrator activity, you can apply a simulation data transform to populate the case with response data.
  • Set the simulation data directly in the case in the same way you map the response data returned from the connector.
Configure connector simulation:
  • You can simulate a connector when the interface of the service to which you are integrating defined and has an existing connector.

The Connectors landing page (Configure > Integration > Connectors > Connector Definitions & Simulations) provides you with an overview of available connectors and their simulations.

Connectors simulations are not available out-of-the-box.

connector simulation landing page pega 8

Note: Simulation is not available for SQL connectors.

The Simulation activity sets the properties to be returned by the external service on the integration page used by the connector.

  • A connector can be simulated either for all users in the application using the Global option, or for the current user only using the User session option.
simulation activity scope for Pega 8

Hope you learned about How To Simulating Integration Data in Pega 8.

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