How to Create Brand New Application in Pega 8

Learn here on How to Create Brand New Application in Pega 8 from scratch step by step tutorial in detailed.

One should have developer access in PEGA to create a new application.

But starting from Pega 8, we should have access to DEV Studio to create an application.

Application Wizard:
  • The New Application wizard guides you through the basic configuration for your application.

Pega Application Wizard

  • Select the type of application that you want to create.
  • In addition, Pega provides several templates and you can add your applications as templates.

Pega Application Templates

  • In case if the available templates are not appropriate, the select Custom.

Name pega 8 application

  • Application name is displayed in portals, menus, and forms.
  • By using the Advanced configuration dialog you can Customize your new application to match your design requirements.
Advanced Configuration:

Pega 8 advanced configuration

Application Settings:
  • Select Framework to create the application in the reusable framework layer.
  • Select Implementation to create an application customized to a specific line of business.
  • As a best practice, if you don’t know which application structure to choose, start with an implementation layer application.
Application ID:
  • The Application ID is used to create the application record, which uniquely identifies application records across systems.
  • The application Version is set to 01.01.01 as the default version number.
  • To customize the application version, enter a version number in the format [Major].[Minor].[Patch].
Organization Settings:
  • The advanced Organization settings provide access to organizational details such as division and unit names.
  • So, use abbreviations when possible.
Organization name:
  • The Organization name is a unique name used to create the class structure for the application.
Division name:
  • The Division name is a unique name for a division or department within the organization.
Unit name:
  • The Unit name is a unique name for a unit within a division.
Class Structure:
  • Generally, the class structure consists of the organizational classes, the application class, and the class group.
  • By default, the class group is set to Work. The class group is primarily used to group a set of related sub-classes and store all instances of these classes in one database table.

Pega 8 FW advanced

  • The wizard inserts a framework class (named FW) between the organization class and the application class.
  • If the structure is Implementation, the heading is Class layers and the wizard creates the same class structure but without the FW class.

Pega advanced configuration wizard

Class layers:
  • The Division layer is used to create a class for the division.
  • The Unit layer is used to create a class for the unit.
  • Creating division and unit layers helps manage rule reuse in large organizations.
  • Consider using shorter layer names to adhere to the 56 character aggregate class name limit.

Pega 8 Division and Unit layer

  • Click Create application to create the base set of rules for the application.

Pega Create application

  • As a result, The wizard creates the necessary access groups for case participants, such as manager and user, and developers, such as author and administrator.

Create application Pega 8

  • Beginning in Pega Platform 7.4, the default user accounts, or operator IDs, are not created automatically.
  • Because this minimizes security risks posed by not securing these accounts when the application moves to production.
  • Therefore, at this point, you are given the option to explicitly add users and assign them to the appropriate access group.
  • It is a best practice to add at least one user to facilitate application development and testing.
  • When you click Add, the system generates a unique password.

Pega 8 optional users

  • Click Send invitation to send an email that contains the login credentials to the user.
  • Additional users can be created after completing the wizard.
  • Click Go to app to go to your new application.

Pega 8 new application

  • In Conclusion, you now know how to Create Brand New Application in Pega 8.

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