Creating a Pega 8 New Application Version – Application Versioning

Creating a Pega 8 New Application Version means you can edit application functionality in a new version of the application without changing the initial version.

Application versioning:

Pega provides two methods lock and roll and skimming for creating new versions of an application .

Lock and roll:

Lock and roll is best for incrementing patch versions. Small changes or patches are ideal for lock and roll.

In Dev Studio, navigate to the Configure > Application > Structure > RuleSet Stack page to access the Lock & Roll button.

Pega ruleset stack

pega lock and roll

Within lock and roll, you have three choices for updating the application rule:

  • Do not update my Application: when you update the patch version number of a ruleset without updating the application ruleset list
  • Update my Application to include the new Ruleset Versions: when you are rolling out an application and updating the minor version or when the application rule lists the ruleset patch version number.
  • Create a new version of my application: want to lock and roll the version and create a new application rule. You may enter a new application version, if different than the default one increment higher.

lock and roll pega wizard


Skimming is better for minor and major versions. It is the process of saving the highest version of a rule into a new, higher ruleset version.

You must have the zipMoveSkim privilege to perform the skim

Two types of skims: minor and major

Minor Skim:

During a minor skim, rules are stored in a higher minor version.

Major Skim:

During a major skim, rules are stored in a higher major version.

Rule Availability StatusCarried forward?
WithdrawnNo - major update; Yes - minor update
No (not available)No

In Dev Studio, navigate to the Configure > System >Refactor > RuleSets page to access the link to the Skim a RuleSet page.

pega skimming
skimming wizard pega

Indicate whether the update is to be a major version (NN-01-01) or a minor version (NN-MM-01). Click Skim to begin the process.

Note: Skimming only copies the rules in the major version you select. For example, if you skim 02-ZZ-ZZ into 03-01-01, rules in version 01-ZZ-ZZ are ignored.

Now you know Creating a Pega 8 New Application Version.

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