How to Managing Parallel Development

In this tutorial you will get to know How to Managing Parallel Development in Pega 8.

Parallel Development:

When multiple teams are working in the same application rulesets, coordinating changes across teams is a challenge.

Pega uses Branches to help teams manage parallel development in distributed environments.


A Branch is a container for rulesets with records that are undergoing rapid change and development.

Branch Ruleset:

The rulesets associated with a branch are called branch rulesets.

  • Is based on (branched from) another ruleset.
  • Contains rules that are in active delopment in the associated branch

These branches allow each team to create and update rules without impacting other teams.

To develop rules in parallel using branched rulesets, each team must follow below steps.

  • Create a team application built on the main application
  • Create one or more development branches in the team application
  • Grant access to the team application
  • Create or configures rules using the branch
  • Merge each branch into the application rulesets when development in branches is complete and stable.
Create a Team Application:

Team application names typically reflect the base application, team name, or the focus of the team.

  • Open the main application rule and perform a Save As to create the team application.

pega application save as

team application

Creating branch in the Team Application:
  • Specify a unique name for the branch that identifies the feature being configured.
  • Pega limits the name of each branch to 16 characters.
  • Click on Add branch in the Development branches section.

add branch pega

Note: When using multiple branches in your application, ensure that the order of the branches in the application definition rule matches the order in which rules should be resolved for this application.

Grant access to the Team Application:
  • Create an access group that references the team application..
  • To name the access group, include the application name plus the standard user type, such as HelloWorldUI:Administrator
  • verify the access roles are sufficient to develop and test the application.
  • Reference  the work pool for the main application.
  • Specify the correct portal, such as the Developer portal for application developers.

pega access group

  • Add Access Group to the operator record. Switch application by navigating Application–>Switch Application
operator access group
Create or configures rules using the branch:
  • To update an existing rule, save a copy of the base rule into the same ruleset, but select the desired branch and work on that copy.
  • When selecting a branch, Pega stores the rule in a branch ruleset created automatically for you.

save to branch ruleset

branch section

Merging changes from a branched ruleset:

  • You must Check-In all the rules in the branch ruleset before merging.
  • Before moving the updated rules into the base rulesets, you first identify any conflicts between your changes using Merge Branch Rulest wizard.

click on the Branch Name under Development branches section in the application definition rule

branch added pega application

select Merge option under the Actions menu.

Pega merge branch

pega merge conflict wizard

  • When you merge a branch into the application, you can either delete the branch if development is complete or maintain the branch to support additional development of the feature.
  • To view the possible rule conflicts, guardrail warnings, and unit test coverage, on the branch rule, select the Branch quality tab.

pega branch quality tab

Hope you know now How to Managing Parallel Development in Pega 8.

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